Ahoy Crew!

Please join our team and participate in the creation of our first ever calendar: MAHAYANA 2022. To make it happen, we invite you to participate in the EXCITING DRAWING competition we are organizing. We divided the challenge in TWO separate categories, adults and kids. At the bottom of the page, after the "Rules" section, are the inspiring photos published for each categories. A free copy of the calendar will be mailed to ALL artistic projects published in the calendar in recognition of participants’ valuable contribution. All submitted work in digital format (PDF) with attached CONSENT (in case of the participation of a minor please use the Consent form for minors) will be admitted to the draw for a final price: A SAILING DAY TRIP ON THE MAHAYANA!

For more information, please read the regulation carefully.


Who can participate and how

  • Participation is open to all.
  • Participation is free.
  • How to participate: We have published 6 photos (3 for the category "adults" and 3 for the category "kids") of a detail of the Mahayana - the wooden schooner built according to the traditional style and methods of Nova Scotia with which we carry out sailing lessons, excursions for cetacean sighting and, at the same time, we detect the concentrations of microplastics in the marine ecosystem.  
  • Those wishing to participate in the competition must submit their Registration Form
  • All drawings must be submitted no later than the 7th of nvember 2021. It should be noted that the deadline is mandatory, so that the jury can have adequate time to vote and select the images to be included in the calendar of the association The Blue Dream Project: Mahayana 2022. 
  • Participation in the competition implies unconditional acceptance of the regulation.

What are the rules for submitting my work

  • Each participant can submit only one drawing.
  • Participants will have to draw inspiration from the published photographs to create their own work.
  • Drawings made with any technique (pencil, watercolor, pastel etc.) on A4 drawing sheet are allowed.
  • The file containing the drawing must be scanned and saved in “PDF” format.
  • The drawing must be sent exclusively by email to "tbdreamersprojects@gmail.com", specifying the artist's name and surname.
  • Attach the signed (Consent form for Minors if the participant is a minor Consent Form in the same email with which you send the drawing. If this form is not present, the drawing will be excluded from the competition.

The jury and award ceremony

  • The secretarial functions of this competition are carried out by two members of the Association's Board of Directors who do not have the right to vote. 
  • A specially appointed jury is made up of two members of the Board of Directors and an ordinary member.  
  • The jury will examine the works according to the evaluation criteria defined by the same. In general, the communicative ability of the image and relevance to the theme of the work will be taken into account. 
  • Each member of the Jury has the right to one vote. The drawings with the most votes will be used by the association to compose its own calendar.  
  • The judgment of the Jury is unquestionable..
  • The logo of the winner's sole proprietorship will be advertised both on the page where the design appears, next to the artist's name, and on the back of the calendar, along with the thank you note from the Captain, as well as the president, of The Blue Dream Project. 
  • ALL those who send a complete reproduction of the photograph, and express their consent (see consent form), will have the opportunity to participate in the draw for a daily excursion aboard the Mahayana for n°8 winners.
  • The authors of the drawings published on the calendar will receive a copy as a prize. 

Publication of the drawings

  • The winning designs will be published on the Mahayana 2022 calendar, and, together with the others, can be reproduced in our printed, electronic and interactive publications.
  • All the designs can be used on any other gadgets with The Blue Dream Project brand, even in the years to come, bearing the name of the author.

Data processing and privacy

Participation in this competition constitutes an act of full acceptance of this regulation, including the publication of the winning names on the website and on the facebook and instagram pages of The Blue Dream Project, and the processing of personal data as follows: - the personal data provided with the sending of the drawing will constitute the object of treatment in order to allow the carrying out of the "Drawing Competition" (collection and examination of the drawings, designation of the winners, awarding of prizes, etc.). In this regard, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196, we specify that the personal data requested here will be processed both by paper and computerized means.

Registration Form

Consent Form

Consent Form for Minors

Contacts and information

The Blue Dream Project, Via Aureliana, 63, 00187 ROMA RM

Mobile: Melissa: 377 2782 004 Geraldine: 349 0672 694

E-mail: The Blue Dreamers

Adult participants

Kids and teenage participants